Unleash the power of Evernote into your daily life even more. Allow others to share information with you using commonly used collaboration services from multiple devices in a transparent way.

"Multi-device support. " Your ultimate collaboration tool.

"Take your day to day information into Evernote by enabling commonly used channels like file sharing, printing and WebDav.Having fully control over what's being shared and when it's being shared."

"Use it offline. " Enable sharing even if you aren't online.

"RaspiNote supports offline mode when you are not connected to internet. Allow others to share information with you via printing, file sharing or via WebDav from any device connected your RaspiNote network. Whenever your RaspiNote is back online, your information will be saved to your Evernote account."

"Cost effective. " Built to last, to share, to discover and to enjoy.

"RaspiNote is compact, get it working in minutes. Enterprise-class services automatically synchronized to your Evernote account. Let your imagination fly, RaspiNote is flexible and versitile. The most importat is that your information will always be there when and where you needed."

RaspiNote Setup Guide